Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Te Amo, Mommy!

My Mother's Day Breakfast Plate
So Mother's Day has come and gone.....for me it was a beautiful

day, clear skies, gorgeous weather.  Really not even a rainstorm could

have ruined my spirits that morning because the sun had just barely

reached the sky and I could hardly crack open one eye, when I heard a

little voice.  The little voice was quietly whispering to me Happy

Mother's Day and as I made focus with the face behind the voice I saw

my 15 year old baby girl (because even at that age so will always be

my very first baby) who I have nicknamed Shelley, which is nothing like her "real name" and I am the only person in the world who calls her this, but we have both agreed it's our special thing and it

fits her nonetheless. Okay, okay back to the I spy my little angel standing in front of me, I see she has something in her hands which smells like a mix between a cinnamon stick, swirled

with bacon sitting in a vineyard full of grapes?!  What can I say it was 6:45 a.m and I was still
halfway conscious, halfway in a dream like fairyland.  When my eyes officially gained focus I saw

that she must have awoken at a least 6:00 a.m to prepare me a breakfast completely handmade by her of : french toast, maple sugar bacon, with a side of plump purple grapes and FRESH HAND

Which after proudly and hungrily scarfing down half my breakfast my Shelley pointed out that my breakfast was on the colorful cupcake that I had hinted at days

before that I loved (wink, wink).  Ahhh!! Te amo ( I love you) Mommy!, she said ( she knows how much I love when she speaks in Spanish!) Could that day have gotten any sweeter? It actually did get

a lot sweeter but it would be to much to write in this blog and I'm sure I would just go on and on gushing about my 4 dulce chicas! When I say I have four of the best girls in the world, I say it with

no exaggeration, they are some of the sweetest, most compassionate, smartest and funniest girls I have ever met in my life. One other thing I know about them for sure, is that they are eager to please
Mexican Chocolate
their momma and they truly never seem to let me down.  I can truly say I have been blessed and I am thankful for everyday with them. Alright, alright no more gushing :)!  With all that said my very own

mother made a special request the day before mother's day that left me scrambling at the grocery store to fulfill her wish.  What did she want? Chocolate covered strawberries which I hadn't made in

years, but after dipping the first few I remembered just how fun they were to make.  I then decided in addition to regular dipped chocolate I would make a few Chica Chocolatina exclusives which

included: double dos ( a strawberry dipped in melted chocolate, rolled in chocolate chips), Mexican Chocolate( a cinnamon chocolate) and a Strawberry Dulce ( chocolate dipped swirled with dulce de

 She loved them all!  Anyway Happy Belated Mother's Day to all the moms out there and I hope your day was just as special as mine.

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