Sunday, May 8, 2011

Feliz Cumpleanos to my new Nina Chiquita

It's definitely been a long time since I have posted my last blog entry.....but it's not because I have lost my love, passion and obsession for cupcakes, cakes and all things yummy and decadent. It's just that I have been very busy with my new little cupcake baker in training (hopefully she will love cake as much as I!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed! lol) If her reaction to her very first birthday cake is any indication of her love for cake, then we are on the right track! When thoughts for the theme of her birthday cake came to pass, there was no need to consult my cake design consultant ( better known as my Bianca :)!) My little Valentina has been going crazy over one cartoon and watches it almost daily since she was 4 months old. Yes!!! 4 months old! Her cake would have to be POCOYO her very favorite Spanish cartoon! And the time spent making this cake was nothing compared to the sparkle that lit up in her little eyes when she spotted Pocoyo and all his amigos. She was so enamored with her very first birthday cake that I was obliged to feed her need to gawk at her cake for a long as her little her felt neccesary. So to the dismay to many of the party guests I vowed not to cut Valentina's Pocoyo cake that day, but offered up an ice cream cake as conselation to the original. Sorry, Mom! Anyway Valentina's day was very special and I am happy to introduce her into our crazy family and add her into the 4 spot on her mommy's VIP cake client list!!! Feliz Primer Cumpleanos to my dulce Valentina!
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