Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Funnel Cake Waffles

Cuando era niña ( when I was a little girl)... I looked forward to hot summer días....In those days when I was so young that I really didn't have a good grasp of time....but I knew  during the last few days in July when those days got fry an egg on the sidewalk was just about time. 

It was in that time every summer that something wonderful would come to my little quiet pueblito!....The county fair...and it was filled with all things that young dreams were made of!...Spinning rides that would tickle me from the inside. Colorful stands filled with gigante stuffed animals that if won would barely fit in your bedroom let alone your car!

But for me the most anticipated stand that this young foodie couldn't wait to arrive at...was the funnel cake stand.  It was the only sweet I would ever pick at the carnival. I could easily pass up the sticky candy apples and even turn my nose up at the pink fluffy bag of cotton candy...but the funnel cake for me was impossible for me to resist!  A soft but crispy swirly cake showered with a cloud of snow inspired sugar!

Everything about it for me was just PERFECTO! Until the moment  I tasted these Funnel Cake Waffles...seriously no joke...these have everything I loved about my last blissful moments at the county fair....rolled far from the fair  grounds right onto my breakfast plate. 

There are simply no other words for these waffles except AMAZING! I feel like the "Fair Gods" have inspired me and made the little niña in me Muy Contenta!  Very Happy!

1 teaspoon salt                                                                            
4 teaspoons baking powder1 1/2 cups warm milk                                 
1/3 cup butter, melted                                                

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

For the funnel cake topping-

1 cup of powdered sugar

1/2 cup of melted butter


        1. Preheat waffle iron. In a large bowl, mix together flour, salt, baking powder and sugar; set aside.  Also at this time you can pour your powdered sugar for the funnel cake topping onto a large plate and set it aside. 

      2.In a separate bowl, beat the eggs. Stir in the milk, butter and vanilla. Pour the milk mixture into the flour mixture.

       3. Melt the 1/2 cup of butter used to pour over waffles and place in bowl large enough to dip your waffles in. Next generously spray your waffle iron with no stick cooking spray. Than ladle the batter into a preheated waffle iron. Cook the waffles until golden and crisp. Once fully cooked immediately dip each side of the waffle in melted butter and than dip each buttered side into your funnel cake topping.

4. Serve immediately, Enjoy!

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