Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Gingerbread Muchacho (You Can't Catch Me!) Cupcakes

These are spicy gingerbread cupcakes dipped in semi-sweet chocolate ganache then topped with a mini-gingerbread boys. As I was baking these cupcakes my oldest daughter came into the kitchen and asked what kind of cupcakes that these were I told her that they were gingerbread and the next thing she said was " OU OU ! You should call them "You Can't Catch Me!" It's funny how now everytime I bake a cupcake the first thing that comes to my girls mind is a name for it. For them it has become one of they things that they enjoy about my baking, I guess for them it gives them a sense of belonging and part of my creations. And of course they also must take pride in picking a clever name that their Mom loves!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Feliz Cumpleanos, Bri'shauna!!

Today my oldest turned 12!!! Oh my goodness how the years fly by, well I decided to surprise her by bringing cupcakes to her school. This may not seem like a big deal but she is now in 6th grade which is the middle school and upon leaving elementary school she looked at me and said sadly " Now you won't be able to bring anymore cupcakes to my class".

She thought because there were no longer class parties and maybe because the other kids would think that it was "uncool" to have your mom make cupcakes for you on your birthday" that was going to stop Me! I don't thinks so!! I was set on making her day special "All Day" no matter where she was!

So this morning I marched right into that main office with sweet smelling cupcakes in tow, I proudly asked the secretary to please call my daughter down to the office ( I have to admit I was secretly saying to myself ...please don't let her be angry....Please don't let her be angry) But she walked through those doors and her response was PRICELESS!

When she saw her special birthday treat she exclaimed OH MOMMY, THANK YOU, AND I'M IN MR CHINERY'S CLASS! ( This is her favorite teacher who always uses her mommies cupcakebusiness as an example for the class, and in whose class I might add she received an A+!) Then she gave me a great big hug and kiss, I even heard one of the secretaries say I wish I had a mom like that!
Needless to say as I left the building I was floating on cloud nine and was happy I could make her day that much more special, and when she came home she said that all of the kids loved the cupcakes and they said that her mom was sooo cool!!
Ahhh!! Mission Accomplished!
Happy Birthday, Bri'shauna. I Love You!
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