Sunday, June 14, 2009

La Fiesta, El Carnival and El Donut

The theme for Bianca's end of the year party was "A Day at the Carnival", I must admit I was exhausted from a week of "mucho cake" from baking Bianca's treats for school, her Favorite Things Cake and her popcorn favors I was caked and baked OUT!!! But everytime a school event or party comes around I somehow fell obligated to create something. The final creation for Bianca's last party as a Kindergarten Girl was a donut cake.


I stacked descending layers of vanilla glazed, chocolate and powdered sugar donuts. I tried to add a Carnival theme to this delicious mound of donuts by adding colorful lollipops, circus peanuts, candy dots, sprinkles,wax soda bottles and mini sticks of cotton candy on top.

Up,Up and Away!

Bianca's 6th Birthday was celebrated at our local movie theater. All of Bianca's birthday guests celebrated in the movie theater party room by opening presents, singing Happy Birthday and eating yummy cake. After the party room the children went into the theater and watched Disney's latest 3d movie "Up". Each child was given a goodie bag filled with classic movie candy (gummy bears, mini chocolate bars, licorice, m&m's, junior mints and red hot dollars) to enjoy while watching the movie.

To take home every child was given a popcorn container filled with mini vanilla cupcakes covered in vanilla buttercream then topped with mini marshmallows representing popcorn covered with melted butter.

Underneath the cupcakes all the children would find yet more surprises, As if there sugar high wasn't at an all time MAX!!! We placed candy laffy taffy strips, a toy whistle, a bouncy ball and a small water gun.

All of the children were happy with their special treats and Bianca went home happy on her special day!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bianca's Favorite Things!

My Bianca recently celebrated her 6th birthday, of course many of her concerns about the party included the location, who she would invite but most important to the "Cupcake Girl" was the design of her cake. I thought that finding exactly what she wanted for this special cake would include hours and hours of probing and questions about what she envisioned in her head. I was caught by surprise when she said to me " Mommy, I want an Obama Cake". I was unsure if I heard correctly but she repeated to me that she wished to have a Barack Obama Cake. I couldn't believe that this idea came from her little mouth, I was so proud!! She wanted the cake to be red, white and blue with stars all around it and Barack Obama. I asked her if she was sure of what she wanted and she said that she was. Her special cake request was made about a month before her birthday, within the coming weeks Bianca's heart stayed true to wanting her Barack Obama Cake but at 5 yrs old she said to me "Mommy, I don't want my friends to think I'm weird for having an Obama Cake". I thought to myself "Baby you're not weird, you're just a head of your time.

So what started out as a complete Barack Obama Cake transformed itself into a Bianca's Favorite Things Cake! If Oprah can do it, why can't she? hahah! The cake was yellow cake filled with Bianca's Lemonade Stand Buttercream and vanilla buttercream for the mini cupcakes that surrounded the cakes.

As for "The List" it was as follows:

1.Barack Obama

2. Her Build-A Bear Kitty (Sassy)







9.The Color Pink

10.Cake (of course) with Pink Lemonade Buttercream

Well, none the less the cake was exactly what she wanted from begining to the end and yet another fabulous cake designed by Bianca Brown.

I can't wait to see what she comes up with for her 7th birthday! Happy Birthday Bianca!!

A Sweet Treat Times Dos!

A sweet way to start the summer!! These are ice cream cones filled with rich chocolate and vanilla cake then topped with another chunky cupcake. The stuffed cone is dipped in yellow chocolate and pink chocolate candy wafers a shower of colorful sprinkles and a gumball cherry!
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