Monday, May 21, 2012

Smore Amor, Por Favor

Recently I was asked to make a quick treat for kids to enjoy for completing a week jammed

packed full of standardized testing.  OH how I remember those dias of sitting through pages and pages of questions and thinking

" As much as I despise 3rd grade math I would do anything to get away from these test booklets filled with never ending questions and get back to our daily 11'o'clock math lesson".  At least on those days I

knew that by 11:45 my pain and agony would come to an end, and I could look forward to that

hot steamy pork roll and cheese sandwich the lunch ladies had waiting for me...mmmm! Interestingly

enough pork roll and cheese was one of those

items that I looked forward to being on the menu each month. I have recently found out though that those of you who don't live

on the Jersey Shore have no idea what a pork roll sandwich is, but let me

tell you it is a slice of hog heaven blanketed with a smooth slice of melted American queso, tangy

ketchup stuffed inside a soft brown potato roll! I know what your thinking.......not only do young

Jersey Girls have access to an exclusive slice of culinary bliss for elementary lunch, but when we grow up we are so spoiled that we don't even have to pump our own gas!

Ahhh yes! Welcome to the La Vida Buena!LOL, not exactly.....  okay so back to the little deserving students who have

stressed and work so hard all week long to make their school proud.  When I was deciding on what to make, I

definitely knew that I didn't want to make something too involved and time consuming. I

just wanted to keep it short y muy simple so I decided on chocolate chip cookies, how much easier could it get than that?

But sometimes for me easy just isn't good enough and I remembered the new Kraft

stack able marshmallows that I purchased a few weeks back. I also happened to a have a package of chocolate

bars that would go great smushed between the cookies and the marshmallows.  Just like that my simple cookie

idea transformed itself and to chocolate chip cookie smore's sans the graham cracker crumbs ( maybe next time)
Anyway here they are in all their glory and since I have an obsession with giving every thing I make a name, these are called "Smore Amors".

After taking pictures of my sweet marshmallowy, chocolaty filled amors, I went over to pic monkey and had so much fun with their picture editing that I couldn't decide which pic I loved more soooo....... I decided to post them all.

I hope you like them! With muchisimo Amor from me to you! ♥

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