Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Sweet Cupcake Built for Two !!!

My little Bianca, who seems to have every one of her family members and even her friends birthdays permanently cataloged in her memory wouldn't dare let me forget that it was her teacher "Mrs Anderson and her classmate Nancy's birthday". A giant strawberry-lemonade cupcake cake with strawberry-lemonade buttercream should surfice. We added a lake of pastel m and m's surrounding the cake and a chocolate bar sign wishing both Nancy and Mrs Anderson a very Happy Birthday!!!

Cookies con Leche Birthday Cake !!

Any of the Chica Chocolatina cupcake flavors can be magically transformed into cakes. This cake was ordered by a client whose son looovvessss!!! Chica Chocolatina's "Cookies con Leche" cupcake which is the "prima" (spanish for cousin) of the Chocolate Chip Chihuahua. Cookies con Leche is a moist vanilla cake filled with chocolate chip cookie dough, swirled with vanila buttercream, drizzled with chocolate sauce and a chocolate chip cookie finale!

Gianna's 5th Birthday Cake !

A sweet little girl named Gianna recently turned 5 years old, and her mommy made a special request for a Chica Chocolatina "Diva Cake" for her little Diva's 5th birthday.

The bottom layer was the Chocolate Chip Chihuahua Cake which is a rich chocolate cake baked with chocolate chip cookie dough and chocolate buttercream filling. The top layer was Nuevo Banana Split which is a banana-plaintain cake complete with smooth chunks of both bananas and plaintains, filled with strawberry buttercream, maraschino cherries, chocolate sauce, dulce de leche and sweet pecans!!! So yummy!!!

P.S. Gianna's party was filled with she and her friends getting glammed up and taking diva photos, when cake time finally arrived Gianna was so exhausted she could hardly stay awake "hence the forlorn expression".

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