Sunday, October 19, 2008

They're One!!

Justin and Kyan (my little, little,cousins)

Time goes so fast, it seems like just yesterday my family and I were eagerly awaiting the arrival of these adorable twins, memories of the doctors whisking them past us in the waiting room so fast that we could barely get a glimpse of the hair on their little heads.

Well Now They're One and I couldn't be more excited to celebrate this day with them and even more excited to make their very First Birthday Cake!!
I can't forget to add that the entire idea for the theme of this cake came when my little one Bianca said "Mommy, you should make a cake with Kyan and Justin sitting next to each other in a basketball outfit and a football outfit, with candy and toys all around them" I told her that sounded perfect to me. So that is exactly what I did.....of course with Bianca right by my side making sure I create her vision the right way!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

When Donut Meets Cupcake!

This cupcake is like a jelly donut within a cupcake swirled with buttercream topped with donut glaze. Well actually that's exactly what it is, Here are the details.....vanilla cupcake filled with raspberry jam swirled with coffee buttercream made with Dunkin Donuts Coffee (because we all know America runs on Dunkin!) then the cupcake is covered in warm vanilla donut glaze. mmmm.
Now for the name of this cupcake, a few ran through my mind Raspberry Rush Hour, Monday Morning Mantra..nahhh! One thing is for sure I have a fond affection for glaze donuts and Latin music and keeping with the theme of giving my cupcakes Latin inspired names the only logical name for this cupcake is ...ENRIQUE IGLAZESIAS!! I know, I know corny but cute.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Gonna Make a Pie....Or a Cupcake.

This cupcake is a direct request from my daughter Bianca who has an infacuation with marshmallows and the movie Waitress. It is a chocolate cupcake covered in homemade vanilla fluff mounded with colorful mini-marshmallows.

I call them Sirena, but she calls them Mermaid Marshmallow Mushies. I like her name better.

The Mambo-Tango

No, this is not a dance but another Brown Sugar creation that was inspired by countless summers eating orange sherbert ice cream cones dipped in chocolate sprinkles. It is a vanilla cupcake stuffed with a tangerine marmalade jelly and swirled with a tangerine vanilla buttercream. Just for fun I added a passion fruit cherry.

I have to admit it took my awhile to actually commit to eating the cherry, I think it was the whole orange color will it taste good thing. After the fear subsided I finally took a chance and found out that this cherry( or maybe I should call it orangerry) was actually pretty good and the flavor complemented the cupcake very well.
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