Friday, September 5, 2008

Back to School Cookies

My daughter Bianca celebrated her first day of Kindergarten on Wensday(sniff sniff). Every year on their first day of school I like to send my children with goodies to share with their class.
I think it helps ease the pain of the first day because they feel like they have something special to share with their new classmates and I hope that the children in the class would enjoy getting a special surprise treat on the first day, I know I would. So for the big day I made smiley face cookie pops. I thought cookie pops would be better for the class rather than cupcakes.
I figure if the teacher didn't want the childeren to eat them for their snack they could always take them home.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Te Quiero Mucho, Cupcake

This is another one of my cupcakes created last week during my baking frenzy, I didn't have a chance to post it until now. I had dulce de leche leftover from my Nuevo Banana Splits and Latin Elvis cupcakes and thought to myself what else would be great with dulce de leche ? What else? Chocolate! This is a rich and moist chocolate cake filled with creamy dulce de leche filling, I made my favorite chocolate ganache recipe but this time I mixed in Dulseda which is a creamy dulce de leche liquer that gave the ganache a rich caramel bite.

Next, I dipped the tops of my cupcakes in the ganache and let them cool. Once cooled I warmed the dulce de leche so that I could drizzle a little on top of the cupcakes.

At first bite of these cupcakes I was in love!! The chocolate cake was so rich and moist and the dulce de leche within the cupcake was so creamy and gave just the right sweetness to the cupcake. The dulce de leche chocolate ganache gave this cupcake a smooth and perfect chocolate and caramel twist.
My oldest daughter and I were sitting at the table and in between bites I was telling I her I think that this is my new favorite cupcake! I then asked her what should we call it ? And she replied, we should call it "Te Quiero Mucho, Cupcake" which in Spanish translates to I want you so much, Cupcake! I told her once again that she was brillant and that was a perfect name,and so here it is the "Te Quiero Mucho, Cupcake"!

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