Sunday, September 29, 2013

Gummy Bear S'mores

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Habia una vez......(Once Upon a Time there were dos little chicos who loved to make S'mores.

They loved to make them so much, they begged and begged to make them every day!  Los dos chicos loved to make the S'mores almost as much as they loved to eat the S'mores.

One early mañana el chico mas pequeñito ( the smallest boy) even asked his mami if he could eat some of his favorite S'mores for breakfast!

Por supuesto , No! said the mami. You must eat something packed with vitmains and minerals to give you mucha fuerza !( a lot of strength) said la mama. 
That's when el chico mayor ( the oldest boy) said.." how about gummy bears"!  La mama shook her head and there is no need to tell you what she said.

But as the day went on she couldn't help but think about her S'mores loving, gummy bear adoring sons......and that's when she had an idea! ......All of a sudden visions of Gummy Bear stuffed S'mores danced in her head. 

She had brought the niños two loves together as one!

After that los chicos dos and their graham cracker, marsmallowy, chocolaty rainbow bear stuffed sandwiches lived happily ever after! ( But only at dessert time!) The End!


-Graham Crackers
- package of chocolate bars (Hershey's or whatever kind you like)
-1 bag of Gummy Bears

Vamos a la cocina!

These a super simple to make!

  • Place ½  Graham Cracker on a small microwaveable plate. Top with ¼ of a HERSHEY'S Milk Chocolate Bar and one large Marshmallow and sprinkle on 4-6 Gummy Bears.
  • Cook in your microwave on high for about 8-10 seconds or until marshmallow puffs and grows. Be careful not to let them cook to long, because the Gummy Bears will liquefy quickly.
  • Take them out and Enjoy! Disfrutalo!

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