Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bienvenido Sabado Cookies!- Welcome Saturday Cookies

Well, It's finally Saturday, and after what was for a me a very long and stress filled week at the job I am embracing this long holiday weekend like never before.  Saturdays are usually filled with me and my chicas attempting cram in as many fun outdoor activities. Whether it means running around at the park or spending the day trying to convince my daughter's that we must go to both Home Goods and Marshall's because you just never know what you may find and we wouldn't want to miss a great deal! The final push is me trying to throw in that maybe one of these stores may have just gotten in a brand new shipment of Justin Bieber merchandise, and all the other savvy shopping mom's are scooping it all up as we speak. ( I know it's wrong but sometimes I will try anything to feed my cookbook addiction, I love Home Goods book selection). 

But not this Saturday, nothing could pull me through the thresholds of my front door, I was beat and I planned to make it a chicas weekend in.  That included 3 full dias of  playing Just Dance 2, 3 and Just Dance Summer Party. A weekend movie marathon full of my favorite childhood throwbacks which included various episodes of Roseanne, Jurassic Park and one  my all time favorite movies Over the Top with Sylvester Stallone. Ummm....I do love some Sly Stallone, I will definitely have to suppress my urges to ohhh and ahhh and lick my lips when we watch this one, I wouldn't want to be a bad influence on my 8 and 9 year old LOL! 

Well in preparation of our weekend of indoor fun I made these cookies which I decided to name Bienvenido Sabado Cookies. As you can see from the title in English this translates into Welcome Saturday, I came up with this name from one my eagerness to enjoy this wonderful day and also because they were replicas of the Hostess Cupcakes. Since a hostess is one that welcomes people into their homes or party and I felt like these little bites of chocolate cookies with squishy marshmallow bottoms and sweet butter cream squiggle were perfecto for welcoming us into the relaxing and serene next three days.

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