Saturday, September 1, 2012

A La Escuela- Super Easy Back-To-School Crayon Pretzels

I'm pretty sure you haven't gone through the month of August without hearing someone say " I can't believe the summer is already over",  I know I haven't, I've even said it to myself a couple times, where do the days go? 

Every year to ease the pain of the first day of school for my chicas, I make them a little something special to share with their class.  Although they kind of dred having to wake up so early that the nick at nite reruns of  I Love Lucy are still on, they are eager to show off their sweet offerings and maybe break the ice a little with new friends.

This super cute pretzel crayon box is what one of my chicas brought for last years first day. This one went on record as being one of my favorites because it was so easy and only required a few ingredients and could easily feed the entire class.  In our house of course we could never bring in the same treat more than once, so I'll leave this one for you guys.  My search for this years treat will go on! ♥


1 bag of pretzel rods,-  I find that the Rold Gold Honey Wheat Pretzels are the perfect size, you can use regular pretzel rods but obviously you'll spend time breaking them in half.

1 bag of white candy melts or  white chocolate chips

4 or 5 food colorings  of different colors

4-5 pieces of construction paper to match the color of your dipped pretzels

On a cookie sheet lay out a piece of parchment paper to cover the entire area of the sheet.
If your using the honey wheat pretzels  you can go straight to dipping, if not this is the time to break pretzel rods in half.

Melt candy melts or chocolate at 60 percent power in your microwave for 30 second intervals, stirring after each 30 secs, if you leave it the microwave too long your chocolate will burn.

After your chocolate is completely melted, separate the chocolate into small bowls and add your food coloring to each one.

Start with one color and dip each end of the pretzel rod in the chocolate, coating the ends enough so that no pretzel will show when they're covered in the paper wrappers.

Lay each pretzel on the parchment lined cookie sheet to dry.

While the pretzels are drying cut the construction paper into strips long enough so that they will cover the pretzel rod from tip to tip, but not so long they are covering the chocolate dipped part. You may have to make a few test strips, to see what works.

After you've made enough crayon wrappers for your pretzels, you can make a little scribble scrabble to resemble words, or even write each color on the label if your feeling adventurous. Then wrap each pretzel rod and secure with scotch tape.

If you aren't into constructing the labels yourself, there is a free printable for the labels here.

I went to the dollar store to find the crayon box and shredded color paper to accent the box!  See super easy super fun!


Mrs Happy Homemaker said...

I absolutely love this! I featured it this week on the Mrs - come on by and check it out, and pin something else to the board while you're at it!


Unknown said...

These are adorable! I had to look twice just to make sure what I was seeing. I can see these as a big hit at a preschool party! Pinned.

chica chocolatina said...

@Mrs Happy Homemaker, thanks so much I will pin something now! ♥ @Joan, I love them too!

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