Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bar Mitzvah- Mini Cupcakes & Sugar Cookies

Recently a co-worker of mine let me know that she was planning a bar-mitzvah for her son, she wanted it to be simple, elegant, but budget friendly. 

She had been coming to work for weeks stressed about the details and finally asked if I could give her a little help in creating something for her dessert table.

I didn't think twice before I agreed to lend her a hand.  So last week on the hottest day of the summer here  so far( temperatures reached almost 105 degrees that day)

I went to her home.  Because I love to bake and create I was eager to just jump in and get started. While my co-worker was on a phone call I took it upon myself to go ahead and start pulling out spoons and filling cups of water to heat up to start preparing the icing.

 I was scurring from one end of the kitchen to other, when I felt her reach out and grab a spoon from my hands. I was a little stunned!, was there something wrong? What had I done? 

She stopped me and said "don't worry I will teach you all you need to know about cooking in a Jewish kitchen". First she said, " there is a dairy side and a meat side" she then pointed out that although her kitchen was huge it wasn't just for luxury.

 I hadn't noticed before but there was two of everything: dishwashers, sinks, ovens and one was used for all the dairy items and the other for the meat.

The two must never be mixed or exchanged,........ahhh, I thought it was pretty cool to have two of everything.....multitasking at it's finest and I love to multitask.  Okay back to the desserts, well after my lesson we got back on track and created some mighty fine looking desserts in the three hours we were together! 

We managed to decorate 45 cookies and almost 100 mini cupcakes in that span of time, in the end everything turned out muy, muy bonito.  I hope that my help with these desserts will help ease a little of her stress and she will be able to enjoy her son's special day! 

Mazel tov! ♥

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