Wednesday, July 4, 2012

American as Apple Pie- Strawberry Cookie Dough Empanadas

Well not exactly American.......but they were pies and were the perfect addition to this year's Fourth of July fiesta.  It figures since I am a last minute person the idea to make these wouldn't strike me until when?........Well the last minute of course!

I was exploring ideas that would not only be quick but easy as well.  I came up with the idea mainly because for the past week I have been craving strawberries and chocolate chip cookie dough somehow the two , in my mind at least sounded like a irresistible pair.

So I decided that I must fulfill my dreams and create a yummy dessert with just those two! Once I made the cookie dough everything else was a zip, I just chopped the strawberries into slices and mixed them together with the cookie dough, while on vacation in Atlantic City a couple of weeks ago I found the cutest little pie mold.
Instead of folding the empanada in its basic half moon shape, I placed the empanada dough on either sides of the mold, I stuffed the mold with cookie dough and strawberries then  tightly clamped the two empanada crusts together. Once they were formed I placed them in oil two at a time until they were golden brown on each side. I was just a pinch apprehensive about how it would all turn out. But in the end it was like a golden cookie dough filled slice of Heaven!  They definitely were a Fourth of July hit!   With that I hope everyone enjoys their Fourth of July!

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