Saturday, August 2, 2014

Marshmallow Candy Monster Pops

I hate to admit it...but I was the girl who went to bed gripping a flashlight and waking up in cold sweat at 3'oclock in the morning.

Forcing my self to do a sweep of my bedroom:

Starting with a through sweep under and above my Strawberry Shortcake canopy bed past my desk covered with Lisa Frank stickers

a quick dash past my doll shelf stuffing my arms with as many Cabbage Patch Kids one may need to ward of evil after dark, up all night monsters!

If all this seems way over the top and a bunch of childhood dramatics one would have to understand that I grew up during the times when Chucky ruled your toy chest and Freddy Kreuger owned your dreams!

Uhh huh! Scary Right?!...Told You! I had to be an 80's baby?!.....the millennium brought so many more nightmare taming characters like Elmo who could ever be scared of that sweet little furry and funny rojo red monster!

And lets not forget Monsters Inc. what that movie did for making "monsters" not only likable....but lovable...

by the end of the movie you not only are fearless of monsters, but you are actually rooting for them! Wishing for nightfall and crossing your fingers with one turn of the knob they would pop out of the closet and right into Boo's bed!

So.......I've said all that to say, what I'm pushing on you today is not the blood curdling, sheets between your eyes shielding you from the sinister force inside television kind of monster!

But the adorable, soft, fluffy colorful and whimsical kind.....

the kind of monster that gives you sweet, beautiful dulce sueños!......only in candy form!

Vamos a la cocinca!

Jumbo Marshmallows ( these can be found at your local grocery, Target or Walmart)
1 package of Skittles ( I used the Darkside of the Moon Skittles)
1 package of Gummy Bears
1 package of chocolate melting wafers
1 bottle of sprinkles (you can use chocolate or rainbow)
1 pack of lollipop sticks or colorful straws


1. Insert lollipop sticks or straws about halfway into each jumbo marshmallow and place on a cookie sheet and set aside. Place the skittles, gummy bears and sprinkles in three separate dishes and set aside as well.

2.  You can either use a microwave or double-boiler to melt your chocolate, (I prefer to use the microwave because it's quicker and easier for me).Pour your chocolate wafers in a glass bowl or a mug reducing the power to 50% to help prevent the chocolate from melting too fast and burning. Set the microwave for 30 second intervals stirring each time until chocolate is completely melted.

3. Once chocolate is melted dip each marshmallow pop into the chocolate, coat marshmallow at least halfway and allow excess to drip off into your bowl or mug.

4.Next, dip each pop into each dish of candy ( I like to add the sprinkles at the end). Set each candy coated marshmallow back onto the cookie sheet and repeat with each marshmallow until you have candy coated monster joy!

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