Friday, August 10, 2012

Oh My Pie! Mexican Apple & Whoppie Pies

So recently I was contacted by a woman who was a judge in a baking contest that I entered a few years ago.

The cake I entered was what I called " La Ice Cream Dream" it was a Mexican Chocolate cake draped in bubble gum pink marshmallow fondant, on top of the cake was a giant ice cream bowl molded from rice krispy treats which had a rainbow of ice cream flavors in it. Orange Sherbert, Strawberry Shortcake, Vanilla Bean and Chocolate Mint. 

There was also great big chocolate/vanilla ice cream sandwich on the side that was the size of a hunk, surrounded by a colorful rainbow of fondant sprinkles ( hmmm...I always wondered how big a hunk really was?)

If I had it my way it would be a choice between the size of LL Cool J and Channing Tatum! hahahaha! daughter would cringe at this joke and say in a sarcastic voice that is purely reserved for teenage girls..."Not funny Mom!......Not funny!( at same time insert eye roll).

Anyway as whimsy and adorable I thought my cake was, sadly it didn't win, a simple sea green cake with white chocolate molded starfish around the sides won. I spent many hours dreaming up a cute little cake that would impress the judges and be prize winning, in hind sight all I really had to do was think green and mold some chocolate!

 If you can't tell me and some of the other contestants were questioning the reasoning behind the judges choice. Nothing against keeping it simple, but there were a lot of beautiful work done by many of the entrants  that just didn't seem to be considered.

Of course when one of the judges called me and asked if I would like to donate a few sweets for the church bake sale,that was raising money for missionary workers helping less fortunate families in Bolivia, it was all love! 

I wasn't sure how it happened but I ended making two kinds of pies, Whoppie and Apple. The Whoopie Pies were Mexican Chocolate, Fiesta (van-cake, rainbow sprinkles), Chocolate Chip and Plain' ol Whoppie!

I also made little mini hand pies that were filled with Mexican cinnamon apples, infused with dulce de leche.  Okay so P.S Mexican Apple Pie is so teasing my tongue with so many flavor at one time........the tangy, sweet, tart taste was like having a little Mariachi Band playing in my mouth. 

This pie now has a special place on my list of favorite things! Soooo Good !♥

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