Friday, December 14, 2012

Gingerbread S'more Boys

When I found out that the ladies from confessions of a cookbook queen and cookies and cups were hosting a Holiday Recipe Contest, I just knew I wanted to join in! I must be honest, I am a chica with a true "sweet tooth" I would much rather sink my teeth into a ooey gooey, caramel sweet Caramello Bar than a plate full of savory vitamin enriched peas and carrots.

 Once upon a time,I may have even been faced with a choice between the two as a meal choice and conceded to the one with the rationalization that I wasn't "that" hungry and I wanted something quick and light! Ummm I think my idea of " light" that day was relative to how heavy the package was and not the calorie packed muffin top making guilt enriched reality of my choice, or better yet my downfall. So if your one of those calorie hunting, unable to take a bite without thoroughly examining the nutritional label for fiber count and sugar levels, than I'd like to say that I admire you......but these Gingerbread S'more Boys are not for you! 

These are like s'mores turned inside out, upside down and smothered with everything that rains down from heaven, so do you want to know what's in them?!.....

Well of course you do! It is two rich, milk chocolate  shaped gingerbread boys, slathered with creamy gingerbread cookie dough, covered with refreshingly sweet red peppermint ice cream, than topped with super jumbo campfire marshmallows! 

Is your mouth watering yet? Well it should be because these boys are so good that they should change the saying from " visions of sugar plums" to visions of gingerbread s'more boys dancing in your head!

These are like a super cool frozen treat that are perfect for the little chicos and even the adults at your holiday party.  I love the idea of having a little ice cream treat instead of just the standard oatmeal cookies and vanilla pound cake around for the holiday's. 

I am still not completely happy though.....I really would love to find a way to place a stick in the middle and dip the whole thing in chocolate.....mmmmm...Now that's pure bliss!


1 bag of gingerbread cookie dough
1 bag of milk or dark chocolate candy melts
1 bag of campfire jumbo marshmallows
1 pint of peppermint ice cream ( I used Edy's Limited Edition Holiday Peppermint)


First, you will need to prepare your gingerbread cookie dough, I purchased the Betty Crocker bagged gingerbread cookie dough and eliminated the egg so that the dough was edible raw.

Then you will need to melt around 3 cups of chocolate melts in order to make 4 chocolate gingerbread boys and pour them into molds. You can purchase gingerbread candy molds online or in your local craft store. Once the chocolate is in molds, place them in the refrigerator to set for 15 minutes.

Once chocolate is set you can start to spread the gingerbread cookie dough all over the chocolate, then add another layer of peppermint ice cream, next you need to place on your jumbo marshmallows.  I placed mine in the microwave for a few seconds to soften them so that they fit better in between the chocolate chicos (boys).

Once you've placed on the marshmallows add the top chocolate gingerbread boy and place in the refrigerator to set for about 20 minutes.  Since these are meant to be eaten frozen you can make them ahead of time and they will continue to be perfectly delicious!  Whenever you ready take them out and enjoy!


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