Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Shark Week- Shark Attack Shake

So you may or may not know this but it is Shark Week on discovery channel and they are celebrating 25 years of gut wrenching (no pun intended) videos and exciting programming on all things shark!

It's been about 10 years for me since my 5 yr old chica insisted that our nightly" mommy and me" television time be pure Shark TV.  Now I adore the beach, there is nothing more calming then laying

in the warm sand, feeling the rays of the sun on your skin and listening to the waves come racing towards the shore. But......I must admit that although I frequent the beach, my body is never....EVA

submerged in the water deeper than my calf muscles. Yes, I know you may say than I have never
really experienced all the beach has to offer. With that I can positively say I will never be offered the

opportunity to be blissfully soaking in the seashore, than seeing the smooth, silvery gleaming, fin of a 3,000 lb Great White Shark gliding my way! So instead of experiencing this horror, at least in my

mind I will stay on the sand with sunglasses on, slathered with sunblock drink in hand. Preferably one of these super easy to make Shark Attack Shakes.

All of the refreshing goodness that can be experienced at the beach, sans all the horrifying, blood curdling drama! You can thank me later!,  :)

Great White Shark Attack Shake ♥


4- cups quality vanilla ice cream
2- teaspoons vanilla extract
8- tablespoons sugar
2- cups milk, less for thicker milkshakes
2- drops of aqua blue food coloring
1- pacakage of gummy sharks
1- package of gummy fish


Using a blender or milkshake machine, blend all ingredients together until smooth.
Serve in tall glasses or small cocktail cup, add gummy sharks and gummy fish on a cockatil stick. Add a colorful bendy straw and Disfrutalo! Enjoy It!


Unknown said...

my kids would love this - super cute idea

chica chocolatina said...

thanks, heather this is definitely a kid pleaser!

Cutesy Crafts said...

This is so cute! What a fun idea for a kid's summer party! I'd love for you to come link up to our party, An Oldie but a Goodie where we like to show off all of our old projects. - Jessica

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