Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mexican-Caramel Krispy Treats

Okay so where did the summer go?......Just yesterday I was tearing through my closet, cursing any piece of clothing that hit the edge of my wrists or even lightly touched my ankles. In reality it wasn't

yesterday it was 3 months ago, but it definitely seems like it was. Anyway with the days flying by it's inevitable that one of these days I'm going to crack my weary eyes open and come crashing into the

early dawn hours of the first day of school.  And with the preparation of the first day of school outfits, of course come the first day of school lunch.  Fortunately, I have been blessed with children

that aren't even a smidgen as picky as I was as a little chica. Yes, yes I am the child that can not eat crust on her bread, and can not stomach white milk, chocolate only please! And if I am made a peanut

butter and jelly sandwich, there must be equal parts jelly, equal parts peanut butter or I can not eat it! There will be none of the ooey gooey jelly running down my elbows, nor do I want to experience

lock jaw eating a sandwich that is cemented with too much peanut butter!  So although the cabbage patch fairies from my younger years have now bestowed me with well adjusted, well mannered, easy

going "eat whatever mommy packs them" chicas. I still feel like Plain Jane lunches for them just won't do, so every year I search for new and intriguing lunch box recipes so that I can pack them

delicious meals that are" ahem, ah no pun intended......"outside of the box".......okay, okay...pun was intended, hehehehe! ( yup, I'm corny like that).  My mini chocolatina's all love rice krispy treats, so

much so that I stock pile them when there on sale, but one thing I do know is that they love chocolate just a little bit more. These little treats are a perfect mix of cinnamon, caramel marshmallows and

their favorite chocolatey cereal comingled in one little square....actually more like a rectangle. Whichever shape, these are a perfectly unconventional treat and a sweet way to show your chica's or

chico's lunch some back to school lovin!...Well really, these are so good I'm sure they would work for anything that needs lovin! ♥

Mexican-Caramel Krispy Treats


    6 tbsp butter (use real butter)
    1 10 oz bag kraft caramel marshmallows
    1 tbsp of Mexican canela or cinnamon
    1 box cocoa pebbles cereal 13oz

Melt butter over med low heat add marshmallows remove from heat. Let marshmallows melt into butter, make sure marshmallows are completely melted, add cocoa pebbles cereal and tbsp of canela
or cinnamon. Stir until compleatly incorperated. Spread into 9x13 cake pan sprayed with cooking spray. Cool in fridge. Cut into four inch squares.
Makes about 15 servings.

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