Sunday, August 19, 2012

Raspberry Rosita- Raspberry-Lemonade Corona

Corona-Rita.....have you heard of this? No. it's not the name of a new celebrity baby, but it should be on somebodies list of all things "exclusivo y delicioso". Now what's in this you ask? Well it's a traditional icy cold tequila spiked margarita with an entire frosty corona plunked right smack dab in the middle!

  Now let me tell you that I am NOT a beer drinker, not social, not casual, the one time beer crossed my lips it scarred me for life!.....Well until now, a couple of weeks ago a good friend and I spent the

afternoon en la playa ( beach), we made some time for cocktails on the boardwalk at the bar. He ordered a Corona-Rita while I stuck to my classic Rum & Coke, I was intrigued by what the waitress
sat in front of him and kept insisting that it was "delicous and I had to try it", "just a little sip" he urged. Well after forcing my hand and twisting my arm (OK, he only had to ask me like 3 times) but I

am a dramatic storyteller. Anyway with one sip I was amazed at how well the flavors mixed, I got the taste of sweet and tart from the margarita but the Corona gave it a little zing that fascinated me. How could it be so good, when it contained something that I despised so bad?! Okay so now that I was a believer in the Corona-Rita, I was interested to see if there were any other flavor combinations that would bring me equal felicidad. Once upon a time I remember seeing a recipe in one of my Rick Bayless books that contained champagne and margaritas, I figured I could just swap a few ingredients and make it my own.

And Waa-La! I think I have cracked the code for all the Senoritas out there who have sworn off beer.......add a little liquor and a sweet base some Corona and mix.  The taste is irresistible and just happened to be the perfect recipe for the I Heart Cooking Clubs  "beach bum" theme this week. I like to call it " Raspberry Rosita" Margarita's sweet and sassy baby cousin. 

It's a mix of tequila, raspberry lemonade concentrate, of course Corona and a pretty pink paper straw. A salted rim could bring another twist in the flavor of this drink but I decided to do with out, the strawberry is just there to look pretty.  The idea hit me before I could run to the store for raspberries, but the strawberry actually gave me inspiration for my next beer infused cocktail!  Disfrutalo, Enjoy It!

Adapted from-Rick Bayless' Champagne Margarita Recipe

Raspberry Rosita
The finely grated zest (colored rind only) from 1 lemon

  2 cups of raspberry lemonade concentrate,  ( I used Minute Maid found in the freezer section, thawed)
1 cup silver tequila (I like El Tesoro and Partida)
Superfine sugar, for added sweetness if needed
1 lemon, cut in half, for serving
Coarse (Kosher) salt, for serving
6 pack of Coronitas or Coronas

1 pint of raspberries
2 lemons


In a pitcher, combine the lemon zest, tequila and sugar if you are using it. Cover and refrigerate until cold, at least 1 hour).
Just before serving, strain the mixture to remove the zest, and pour enough salt into a saucer to cover the bottom. Rub a lemon half over the rim of each  glass and upend into the salt to crust it lightly. Pour about enough to fill half of the tequila mixture into each glass, fill the rest of the way with your Coronita drop in a few raspberries garnish with lemon, paper straw and hand to one of your lucky guests!


kitchen flavours said...

This look refreshingly delicious! Love this!

NKP said...

I love it! So refreshing and boozy and girly at the same time! I'll take eight, please. ;-)

chica chocolatina said...

LOl! Thanks Ladies, it definitely eased me into appreciting a nice beer so much more!

Deb in Hawaii said...

Love that "name of a celebrity baby"--too funny. This looks like a fun and delicious drink. ;-)

chica chocolatina said...

Thanks Deb! You must try one, I am looking forward to revamping beer in so many sweet ways!

Jocelyn said...

Now that is fun pool side drink...gorgeous color and fun flavors!!! Thank you so much for sharing on Trick or Treat Tuesday!!

chica chocolatina said...

Yes, it really is sooo good! Thanks for having me!

Rachel said...


The coronorita, dos-a-ritas - beer-ritas have definitely taken over :)

I enjoy a margarita, but I'm most firmly in the beer-girl camp ;-) however I find these to be fun and intriguing!

Love your raspberry lemonade twist.

CAn't wait to try them

chica chocolatina said...

Lol, yes they seem to be taken over and I am happy they did, now I can happily sip beer with the rest of them!.....well kinda, lol♥

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