Sunday, June 3, 2012

Justin Bieber is Mas Caliente Than Kevin Bacon

So last week was my daughter Bianca's 9th birthday and every year I make a special delivery to her class

with whichever treat her little heart desires.  Now my Bianca is a huge Justin Bieber fan and she has

been dedicated to loving Justin for almost 3 years now.  Unfortunately, 3rd grade children being who

they are some of the children in her class not only
do not care for Justin Bieber. They dislike him with

the same amount of passion that forces my daughter to practically beg me on her hands and knees to

purchase every single magazine that has Justin's face gracing the cover. So I was shocked when she

said she wanted me to make the cupcakes that I added to Chica Chocolatina menu 2 years ago to

show our love for Justin Bieber ( yes, yes I did say OUR LOVE), I think he is a very cute, determined and talented little kid). It is a vanilla-maple bacon

infused cake, swirled with rich maple butter cream ( since Justin is from Canada and Canada is famous for its maple syrup we actually found pure maple syrup straight from Canada to use in the

butter cream. The Canadian maple butter cream is than infused with Justin's favorite color, purple. A crispy piece of maple bacon is dipped in milk chocolate than placed on top of the cupcake with royal

purple sprinkles. Trying to find a name for this cupcake was a little tricky at first, I thought calling it a Justin Bieber bacon cupcake was just too plain and didn't give any justice to the extraordinary taste

of a maple-bacon cupcake or even the exceptional talent or the person that this cupcake was dreamed up for.  So after some time it just clicked as a young girl "Footloose" was my absolute favorite movie

and I was totally obsessed with Kevin Bacon, well actually it seemed like everyone was at the time. Anyway I felt like my childhood obsession with Kevin Bacon was similar to the way my Bianca felt

about Justin Bieber (his last name also played an insy winsy part, lol).  Even though I think Kevin Bacon has aged beautifully and is still sexy as hell! But I'm sure all those preteen Justin Bieber

loving girls would profoundly disagree and decided that I should accept that a new generation has taken over and respectfully named this the

Justin Bieber is Mas Caliente Than Kevin Bacon Cupcake ♥ And just because I know that some little 9 year olds can be relentless with their teasing and distaste for someone or something that

they don't like. I made a few cupcakes with plain white butter cream, royal purple sprinkles and the chocolate dipped bacon. I couldn't stand to think that they would ruin Bianca's special day by

possibly throwing away the cupcakes just because Justin Biebers face was on them. What those kids don't know is that no matter the decoration a little bit of Justin Bieber is baked in side each little

cake, because me and Bianca had so much fun stirring, mixing and pouring all while Justin Bieber was blasting through our kitchen the whole entire time♥

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