Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Red Velvetina Pancakes

Something definitely has come over me......because for the last couple weeks my chicas have been becoming " breakfast spoiled". For the past two weekends I have not only been cooking them piping hot

off the griddle meals. ( I hate to admit it, but I am more of a whatever fits in a bowl and goes with milk in the morning kind of mom) Although I love cooking lunch, dinner and of course baking, I just can't

seem to get it together that early in order to prepare anything else. So it's so surprising that not only have I made them hearty steaming meals, but they have been sort of an enticing take on

classic breakfast meals. Last week it was my spicy and sweet Mexican Chocolate French Toast, this week I decided to turn one of my all time favorite cupcakes into a breakfast treat.

Red Velvetina Pancakes with a chocolate syrup drizzle, a sprinkle of chocolate chips, swirled with a cloud of sweet whipped cream. They were so delicioso!

I imagine that this is kind of like what you might eat if you died and went to heaven on Valentine's Day ♥

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HorseLoversMama said...

Ack. Where is the recipe?

You are so fun to read. I think I might be inspired to write something on my forever neglected blog.

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