Saturday, June 23, 2012

Raspado-Sno-Cone Cupcakes

Raspados in Mexico are the American version of a sno cone but kicked up a whole bunch of notches! The American sno-cone simply put is white paper cone filled to the brim with crunchy bits of shaved

ice flavored with a variety of syrup flavors such as: cherry, orange, lemon, lime, grape, strawberry, blue raspberry, pina colada. Now the Mexican raspado is like walking outside your front door the

morning after the winter's first snow, grabbing a cup full of soft, icy cold pure white snow then turning around to see Rainbow Brite standing there with her majestic white horse with its rainbow

striped hair she's armed with her magical tool the Color Belt which is used to bring color to the land.  This time though it's not a dreary colorless land that she plans to illuminate, it's that frosty cup of  ice

in your hands. But since the many years that you last saw her, her powers have been enhanced and she now also harnesses the power not only to transform colors but flavors too! She asks you which

flavor would you like? She recites some of the flavors commonly see in an American sno-cone: fresa(strawberry), platano(banana), coco ( coconut) but then she goes a little more exotic with flavors such

as mangoes, tamarindo (sweet sour Spanish fruit), durazno ( peach) or even rompope (eggnog). After you have you picked what you like best, the choices don't end there because "La Senorita Rainbow"

asks "would you like some lechera( sweet condensed milk" and of course you will have to say yes because it is nothing like you've seen before. The sweet liquid gives your raspado a creamy, thick

consistency that takes it to another land. Now if your are the adventurous type and like to travel to a whole different dimension then the next offering from " La Senorita Rainbow" will be just your style.

It's called the chamoyada, which is the option to have your desired flavored raspado dipped in a " chamoy( a savory Mexican sauce made of pickled fruit spiced with powdered chiles) this one is

definitely not your "typical" sno-cone, nor for the faint of heart!  Okay so now that you have a little more info on American sno- cones and Mexican raspados you'll understand what inspired me to make

these cute Raspado/Sno-Cone Cupcakes. Neither one actually contains any ice at all just soft vanilla cake and fluffy butter cream dipped in originally white sugar crystals that I hand dyed myself into

bright rainbow colors.  While making these I actually had no magical encounters with majestic horses or golden-haired girls that harnessed the power to color your day, but they were still pretty fun to

make.  The look on the faces of the children I delivered them to was enchanted but still no magic. Anyway if you ever find yourself in Mexico and happen to walk past a raspado cart don't hesitate to

 stop. When "El Senor Raspado" asks " would you like it chamoyada you'll know exactly what he is talking about and maybe you'll be daring enough to give it a try! ♥

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