Saturday, May 5, 2012

Chocolate Tacos and Mexican Flag Quesadillas

Mexican Flag Quesadillas
So anyone who knows me knows that I love

everything Mexican and I mean LOVE! The

food, the culture, the language it all fascinates

me if I hear anyone speaking Spanish anywhere

my ears perk up and I feel a sense of calm and

relaxation as if it was my native tongue, which also anyone who knows me knows although I do

speak Spanish it most definitely is NOT my native language.

So when my daughter Bianca eagerly came home one afternoon with a slip

of brightly colored paper in her hand that informed all the parents in her

class of an upcoming Cinco de Mayo fiesta I was overjoyed!  When I

continued reading this colorful announcement and realized that

parents were needed to provide some festive dishes of their choice my

mind began to race. What could I make? The note specified almost all

things typical Mexican could be considered : tacos, fajitas, chips and salsa, Mexican rice, ice cream sandwiches (now this wasn't Mexican) but in my mind I knew a perfect way to put un poquito

Mexican twist on it. After days and days of dreaming of how to make my daughter's Mexican fiesta a  little more special this is what I came up with.  The day my super special delivery person( my

sweet mama:) left with almost 10 boxes of dulce treats, I hope that all my ideas were well received by all the ninas and ninos at my daughters school. All the worry was put to rest however when I arrived

home later in the day and my mother informed me that when she took the boxes into the front office, one of the secretaries was so smitten with my treats that she quietly snuck one out for herself. I was

doubly pleased when Bianca came up and hugged me and said that everyone in the class loved what I had made so much that one boy said that " I would pay $10 for one of your mom's treats" and that she

was excited when the whole entire class cheered as she walked in the room with her special treats! So happy Cinco de Mayo to you and I hope these little tesoros inspire you to make your own Cinco de Mayo sweets!
Chocolate Tostadas

Chocolate Shells, Chocolate Cake, Marshmallow Cheese, Gummy Tomatoes, Twizzler Lettuce
Corazon Churro Ice Cream Sandwiches

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