Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Making Whoopie!....Or at Least The Pies.

Sounds fun huh??... Well I have to admit it really was, as I said before it is a un ano nuevo and I have so many new and decadent dessert ideas that I want to try. Whoopie Pies have been on my list of want to try desserts, I wasn't sure at first how I would feel about making them. Would they be hard to make ? or easy to make? Honestly, they were very fun to make and before I could even think about it I was making so many that I felt like a Whoopie Pie maquina. Chocolate Whoopies, Vanilla Whoopies. Chocolate-Vanilla Whoopies and that was just the cake. After the baking was done then it was time to fill them with cream and swirl some of them with sweet salsa! Since this was my first time making whoopies I kind of kept the flavor combos simple but delicioso! The flavors that I made this time were chocolate cake filled with vanilla cream, chocolate cake filled with chocolate cream which are really quite common. But soon enough my adventerous side kicked in and I drizzled some with dulce de leche, filled some with chocolate chips and then my spicy side tried to take over and reached in my cabinet for my ancho chilli spice, but then I said ummmm not ready to kick it up just yet so I settled on bringing out my sweet Mexican Cinnamon also known as Canela instead. Once I was done making all of my little pies of heavenly sweetness I decided it was time to give them a try. Ay Dios Mio!!! They were delicious, nope not delicious better than that they were DELICIOSO! ♥ They were like little bites of sunshine right there in my mouth, they made me so happy I wanted to give them nombres (names). I decided that Solecitos would be the perfect name for these little bites of heaven because the word solecito in Spanish translates to "little sun" and these whoopie pies were just that small little cakes that would brighten anyones day! Okay so now I have named my Whoopie Pies as a whole, but didn't each flavor deserve their own special nombre too? Por supuesto! Of course they did after all that is half the fun, so with that the chocolate chip became " Chocolate Chip Whoopie Dough" the sweet cinnanom chocolate one became " Mexican Whoopie" and the Chocolate-Vanilla one became " White House Whoopie" any ideas on how I came up with that one? Hehehe! Now with that all said this was just my very first aventura with whoopie pies and I can assure you that as much fun as I had with them, this will not be my last. I already have visions of more Whoopie dancing in my velvet whoopie, chocolate peanut butter whoopie, butterscotch whoopie, whoopie in margaritaville.... thinking lime for this one, oohhh the possibilities. Stay Tuned ♥

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