Monday, April 30, 2012

Dulce (Sweet) Dreams

So although I totally intended to commit myself via new year's resolution to blogging every week or at

least every month, I have obviously fallen a little bit short......ah...well.....a lot of bit short. But! I have
been baking and I do have a lot of

updating and catching up to do but

in an attempt to not overwhelm

myself and stay committed to

frequent blogging I will update little

by little.   Okay so there are so

many ideas for baking and creating

that go through my cabeza every

day, but one that has consistently

been on my mind is making my own  homemade dulce de leche. There are so many scary recipes out

there that include having a boiling pot on your stove for four or more hours and possible implosion

and imminent disaster in your kitchen if the process is not handled properly. With fear keeping me

from trying these possible disastrous ways and faith that I would find a more chica friendly way to do

it I never did make my homemade dulce de leche. Until now and let me tell you that the process and

the results were so well worth the wait! 

The more calming method of making your own dulce de leche included a crock pot, time and

relaxation which were all definitely more my style.

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