Monday, March 30, 2009

Uptown Teal Wedding Gown !

I made 45 of these cupcakes to be given away as favors for a bridal shower. The flavor was a variation of "Uptown Cupcake Brown" which is a chocolate cake filled with raspberry jam, dipped in a smooth chocolate-raspberry ganache. The cupcake is then swirled with a rich white chocolate buttercream sprinkled with white chocolate chips then drizzled with a double dose of raspberry and chocolate sauce and chocolate shavings. The cupcakes that I made for the bridal shower were exactly the same but the client decided that she would like the frosting to match the wedding colors which was a teal blue and to add just a simple sprinkle of chocolate shavings to add a slight more elegance. The transformation of the cupcake required a new name which I lovingly decided to call " Uptown Teal Wedding Gown ".


The same day I had to make another celebration cake for a little boy named Rowen's 3rd birthday. This one was a replica of the clubhouse from the television cartoon, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Everything from the top of Mickey's head all the way down to his feet were completely edible !

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