Sunday, March 22, 2009

Green Day !!!

At least that's what my daughter Jaelyn was calling the Irish heritage celebration better known by many including my well versed kindergartener Bianca. as St. Patrick's Day Jaelyn was convinced that since all the stores, candy clothes and toys were all decked out in "green" that "Green Day" was indeed the name of this holiday. Bianca on the other hand knew better, as she recently learned all about the meaning of St Patrick's day in Mrs. Anderson's kindergarten class and had been telling me every since the week before that " Tuesday is St. Patrick's Day Mommy" and that I had better not even attempt to put anything green near her body before Tuesday, because she was saving her absolute favorite green dress shirt for that day.

Of course because she had already picked out a perfect outfit I couldn't see sending her to school without a sweet accessory!!!

Bianca's Go Green!! and Sweet!! Marshmallow Kabobs!

We scoured our local grocery store for all candies coming in green, although we didn't find a lot of candy dedicated specifically to St. Patrick's Day we did find a bulk candy bin section in the grocery store. I must confess it took almost 20 minutes to sort through 4 0r 5 bins of assorted color gummy candies but we eventually were successful! We didn't even have any run-ins with grocery store employees telling us that we couldn't pick out the colors we liked, but we needed to purchase all colors. Yea!!!
In the end we used alternating candies including (mint milkyways, green gummy bears, green swedish fish (yum!), green chick peeps,green gumdrops and we topped each kabob off with little green gummy hats. I later learned from reading the label that these gummies were appropriately called " Mexican Hats".

We tied ribbons on the bottoms of each skewer, stuck them in a lime green bucket and another holiday bit the leprechaun dust!!!

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