Monday, March 30, 2009


Today is my daughter Jaelyn's 5th Birthday!!! Although she had her family party at home today, over the weekend she celebrated with her friends. After two consecutive years of partying at Chuck. E . Cheese ( yes TWO!) Jaelyn finally decided on another fabulous location to host her 5th Birthday Party which was the bowling alley. After months and months of probing Jaelyn about exactly what kind of cake she wanted for this party, the answer remained the same " A chocolate cake with gummy bears and candy all around it " Would you like anything else a little more fancy ? I would ask her, "Nope !" she would say "Just all chocolate with gummy bears" So here you have it
Jaelyn's Candy Mountain Cake !

This is a chocolate cake filled with chocolate butter cream and sprinkled with ghiradelli chocolate chips. I then iced the cake in alternating layers of chocolate butter cream and rich chocolate ganache. The cupcakes are swirled with Mexican vanilla butter cream and are topped with marshmallow fondant cherries and strawberry-lemon marshmallow twists. The cake is adorned with various sweet candies hand picked by Jaelyn herself, some of her favorites include swedish fish, red hot dollars, dots and of course one of her top favorites Gumballs.

When your mommy bakes just one cake won't due, so I made Jaelyn her own personal cake which was cascaded with more of her favorite goodies.

To go along with the candy theme of the cake I made two baskets filled with sweet candy kabobs along with cupcake candy favors filled with m&m's topped off with more of those marshmallow fondant cherries. Both of these goodies were later packaged with soda pop bubbles for all of her friends to take home !! It was a sweet ending for a sweet little five-year old girl !

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