Sunday, February 10, 2013

Punch, Drunk, Love- Corona, Fruit Punch Cocktail

Punch, Drunk .......what is it exactly?! 

When pondering the idea, one may have an image of an overtired young chico who is running around the house haphazardly ripping out toys and leaving them in tripping hazard trails behind him. Shrills of half-joy half-tears beaming  from this little chico echoes along the walls of the house. 

These irrational shrieks are coming from a place unknown to the overtired, unwilling to surrender sweet muchacho.  Until a knowing mother piers on and says to herself " he is punch drunk"!

She then makes her way to retire her weary little boy, lulling him into la la land...peace and quiet resounds the home once again.

Now me.....when I think of "punch drunk" brings me to a very different scene, una noche loca ( one crazy night) that I spent with( out of all the people with my very own ma-ma.)  This noche loca consisted of : a throng of eager woman, obnoxiously loud music, a stage and an extra fine group of respectable half-dressed men. 

Oh yeah, and multiple glasses of these fruity red drinks that tasted more like innocent cups of Kool-Aid than the mind-numbing, ogling enhancing, judgment altering libations that they were.

Now this Valentine's day whether your dealing with an overtired, irritated muchacho or experiencing what I now like to call " Magic Mike Moments" ending the night with a nice glass of "Punch, Drunk, Love will make it all go down a little easier!


1 bottle of Corona

1 oz. of Sky Cherry Vodka

1 bottle of Hawaiian Punch


1. Place grapes, oranges, cherries and a few apple slices at the bottom of your Mason Jar or Beer Mug.

2. Pour into your Mason Jar or Beer Mug 1/2 bottle of Corona, 1 oz. of cherry Sky Vodka and fill the rest with Hawaiian Punch.

3. Place in a pretty paper straw slip on a super jumbo marshmallow heart and enjoy the punch! Just don't get so drunk that you punch the one you love!



Unknown said...

This looks like the only way to ever drink beer! Love this and it makes me think of Summer! Thanks for sharing at Show Me Your Plaid Monday's!

Unknown said...

This sounds like something I need to try SOON!

Rohit said...

My Mom used to make this punch when we were kids! It's my favorite and reminds me of Christmases and New Years when I was growing up!

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