Monday, October 1, 2012

Foodie Pen Pal Reveal Day- September

Well another month has flown by, which means all the waiting, suspense and excitement that surrounds the group I joined called Foodie Pen Pals has taken me over once again!

Seriously I had no idea when I joined that this would be so exciting, and I have to say it is just as exciting receiving my package as it is preparing my package to send away. Actually, I think the sending part is a little more exciting, it's like Christmas Day when you think you've chosen your carino ( loved one) the most perfect gift ever!

You can't wait to see the smile and surprise on their face when they finally get to open their package. I have to be honest I kind of squealed like an 9 year old muchacha when I opened my package this month.I was pretty thankful last month but this time I was completely over the Luna (moon) with what was inside.

It was as if I was walking right there along with my pen pal and I had chosen everything myself!  Karen who has an incredible blog all about being healthy, you should check it out by the way right here.  Karen let me know this was her first month as a foodie pen pal. In her letter she said she may have gone a little overboard, ahem....I'm not saying that she didn't, but I am super happy she had so much fun shopping for me!

This package was filled with so many cool things, would you like to hear what?!  Well here it goes!
♥ Bear Naked-vanilla almond crunch granola, which I have been putting in my yogurt every morning, a nice addition.

♥ Blue Diamond Oven Roasted Dark Chocolate Almonds- ummm, did you read the name of these I think that perfectly describes how delicioso these were!

♥ Justin's Organic Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups- I am saving these for a midnight chocolate craving, since their organic they have to be healthy right?

♥ A Bottle of Pure Virginia Clover Honey- have I mentioned that I absolutely love honey and only honey on my buttermilk biscuits. How did she know ?

♥ Peeps Halloween Pumpkins- they were sugar free, my kids dug right into them and had no idea they were sugar free! Ha!....oh and Karen they wanted to say thank you for thinking of them.

♥ Baking Cups in Halloween colors- perfect for the treats I will be sending into my chica's class this Halloween!

♥ PB2- powdered peanut butter, this was by far the coolest stuff I've ever seen! I had no idea that they had powdered peanut butter. I 'm thinking of sprinkling some on the top of chocolate cupcakes just to give it a try.

♥ Casa Mexicana- Chicken Chipotle Tacos and Beef Taco Seasoning- So these are two of the three things that evoked one of the biggest squeals. I am always looking for new Mexican cooking products and they have nothing like this where I live. I can't wait to use them, I've been waiting for
"Un Dia Muy Especial" ( a very special day)

♥ Green & Blacks  Maya Gold- chile and orange spiced dark chocolate- okay no cue in the last and final squeal!  This was like the most perfect gift I could have received, during a recent trip to Atlantic City I saw this chocolate but somehow passed it by. I had regret that I didn't buy it, but it was destined to be mine! ♥

Now you can see how and why I was so elated with all my goodies.

 Gracias, Karen for everything you really did make my day! ♥


Karen said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed all of the goodies!! It was so much fun picking out things to send to you! : )

chica chocolatina said...

I honestly enjoyed them all! I can't wait to make both my tacos and make cupcakes with maya gold chocolate! Thanks, for being so sweet :)

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