Sunday, June 14, 2009

Up,Up and Away!

Bianca's 6th Birthday was celebrated at our local movie theater. All of Bianca's birthday guests celebrated in the movie theater party room by opening presents, singing Happy Birthday and eating yummy cake. After the party room the children went into the theater and watched Disney's latest 3d movie "Up". Each child was given a goodie bag filled with classic movie candy (gummy bears, mini chocolate bars, licorice, m&m's, junior mints and red hot dollars) to enjoy while watching the movie.

To take home every child was given a popcorn container filled with mini vanilla cupcakes covered in vanilla buttercream then topped with mini marshmallows representing popcorn covered with melted butter.

Underneath the cupcakes all the children would find yet more surprises, As if there sugar high wasn't at an all time MAX!!! We placed candy laffy taffy strips, a toy whistle, a bouncy ball and a small water gun.

All of the children were happy with their special treats and Bianca went home happy on her special day!

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