Sunday, June 14, 2009

La Fiesta, El Carnival and El Donut

The theme for Bianca's end of the year party was "A Day at the Carnival", I must admit I was exhausted from a week of "mucho cake" from baking Bianca's treats for school, her Favorite Things Cake and her popcorn favors I was caked and baked OUT!!! But everytime a school event or party comes around I somehow fell obligated to create something. The final creation for Bianca's last party as a Kindergarten Girl was a donut cake.


I stacked descending layers of vanilla glazed, chocolate and powdered sugar donuts. I tried to add a Carnival theme to this delicious mound of donuts by adding colorful lollipops, circus peanuts, candy dots, sprinkles,wax soda bottles and mini sticks of cotton candy on top.

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