Monday, January 5, 2009

Gym Class Hero

Although the holidays have come to an end and many are preparing to take down their Christmas tree and other Santa Claus decorations the spirit of giving could not be lost in my little Bianca just because the official Christmas date had passed us. One day back in October I believe it was Bianca and I were discussing the upcoming holiday and I had mentioned to her that I wanted to give Mr Degnan her gym teacher a present (she is in Kindergarten) and if you can believe this Mr. Degnan was my gym teacher also!! And he has got to be the greatest gym teacher of ALL TIMES!! Well at least the two of us and every other kid who has been in his gym class and been present on the day he brought the PARACHUTES!!! Thinks so!!

Well anyway we decided that we wanted to make him a special treat for Christmas, but I have to take the blame and say I became too busy and never did get a chance to make his special treat. Well my Bianca upon coming upon her return to school from her Christmas vacation said " We can't forget Mr. Degnan's present! she said I wouldn't want him to think we remembered Mrs. Anderson (her Kindergarten teacher) and forgot about him. She decided her special treat to him would be chocolate-caramel covered candy apples and she requested to be able to decorate them herself and also send him a special card and that is exactly what I allowed her to do. She let me know that I could write her message to Mr. Degnan in the card but "she really really wanted to make sure she signed her own name.
After listening to what she wanted to write in the card my heart melted with her thoughtfulness and sensitivity at age 5 and I am going to secretly share what she wrote with you....shhhh don't tell her I told you.

Well here it is.

To, Mr. Degnan

I made you these candy apples, I made them out of love. I hope you like them and I hope you had a Happy Holiday!

Love, Bianca

I couldn't have said it better myself!

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