Sunday, April 7, 2013

El Happy Payaso- Clown Cupcakes

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Everybody loves a clown.....right!? 

Or maybe not?

Maybe only if they are the friendly balloon animal twirling, colorful ball juggling type. The kind with fluffy orange hair and a round red shiny nose. 

Not the kind with a creepy over exaggerated half friendly half sly grin, and huge floppy black shoes.

The kind that chases you all around the fiesta trying to entice you to smell his pretty white flower, only to happily spray you with a cold stream of water right in your unsuspecting face.

Without a doubt these cupcake clowns are the warm-hearted loving kind, after all they have hair made of cotton candy, a bubble gum nose and curls made of rainbow colored popcorn.

I like to think that these clowns come from a magical circus where all clowns are made of sugar and have smiles as bright as sunshine!......

And there is nothing scary about that!

These cupcakes are actually super easy to whip together and lots of fun to create. You can give them all different shades of "hair" and various expressions and smiles.

Any of your favorite cupcake or frosting recipe will do, If you are making these for a birthday party it would be super cute to make. This recipe from the Baked Bree blog sounds really yummy.

Oh and btw, just in case you didn't know El Payaso- is the Spanish word for clown, it's actually a fun word to say and it always makes me smile!


Cupcakes & Frosting

 For the "Happy Payasos" you will need the following :
rainbow gumballs
black licorice - I used Haribo Black Licore Wheels
gummy worms
popcorn & dye to color popcorn ( you can find the instructions here)
cotton candy
duff's cake graffiti spray

1. Prepare your cupcakes & frosting following the recipe from above, or one of your liking

2. Cut your black licorice into 1 inch pieces, if you are making 12 cupcakes than you will need 48 1 inch pieces ( this is a nice job for the chicos) and set aside

3. Frost your cupcakes using a icing spatula or knife, being sure to cover the whole cupcake with icing.

4. Next, spray the icing with your pink cake graffiti spray on both sides of the cupcakes, to resemble rosy pink cheeks.

5. Place  the licorice eyes on your cupcake, placing them on like two X's,  you can also use one piece and place them in a straight line like slit eyes. ( The fun thing about these cupcakes are that they are so customizable.)

6.  Now you can place on your gummy worm smile, stick your cotton candy hair on either sides of the cupcakes and sprinkle on your colored popcorn hair.

7. The final finish is placing on the colorful gumball nose.....and VOILA! You have
" El Happy Payaso"...the cutest clown in town!


Hun.... WFD said...

OMG, these are so cute!! LOVE the gumball noses! Thank you so much for sharing with Simple Supper Tuesday.

Six Sisters said...

These cupcakes are so cute! We would love to have you share them on our new sister blog - It's a great way to drive traffic back to your blog and has so many fun features. Come and share some recipes! -The Six Sisters

Unknown said...

What a fun cupcake! Thanks for Sharing at Show Me Your Plaid Monday's!

Unknown said...

so cute.. such a creative idea..certainly suitable for birthday events.

Unknown said...

These are so cute!! I would love for you to share at my Tasty Thursdays linky party and GIVEAWAY. Going on until Sunday. Hope to see you there and spread the word!! Thanks, Nichi – The Mandatory Mooch

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