Friday, March 1, 2013

Justin Bieber Birthday Cupcakes

You may not be aware of it or not, but today is a pretty big deal!  Some even think it should be a National Holiday!..... Who you may be asking?

Who are these people aware of a day so monumental, so huge, so grandioso?  Why are they so special that they get to partake and enjoy in a fiesta that you may not even be privileged enough to already know about? 

Well they are called " Beliebers" and they are an elite group of girls and even boys who are fanatical devotees to everything and anything that surrounds, talks about or even looks like Justin Bieber. 

They will tweet him 3,500 times a day, buy all his records, wear his clothes. They will watch every show he has ever been on, whether is on television or on youtube. 

They will sleep out on the streets of New York City for days just to hear him sing.  These same " Beliebers" beg and plead  for their parents to buy them $300 tickets to one of his sold out concerts, from a slimey ticket dealer that buys them low and sells them high. 

So with fans so dedicated to everything Justin Bieber, one would expect for them to be on nothing less than full on party mode March 1st. Why? Because it's Justin Bieber's birthday of course!

One school in my district is so loyal to their students and all that they love, that they decided to hold an in school party to celebrate " the biebs'" big day.

They approached me about making cupcakes for this sacred event, and ummm I was more than happy to oblige.

Since I am the proud owner of 3 of the millions of girls who have Bieber Fever and truly believe today should be a national holiday. 

And as a loca mom who actually did sleep on the streets of NYC just to allow my girls to get a glimpse of Bieber.

And as the kind of Mom one who isn't afraid to say that she absolutely LOVES his new album Believe. 

I have to admit I wouldn't mind actually having another holiday added to the calendar!


There really is no need to attach a recipe for these cupcakes, you can use any cupcake and frosting recipe you wish. 

Obviously you don't have to do Justin Bieber, you can use this idea for any singer, actor or character you prefer.

The hardest part is collecting various images of your favorite singer or character laminating them and cutting them out.

For the white chocolate hearts and the J & B initials,  I melted white chocolate wafers in the microwave, heating them on 70% power stiring them every 30 secs until fully melted. 

Then  just used a standard piping bag ( or even a Ziploc with a small snip on one corner) and piped the intials and the hearts onto a piece of wax paper. I waited for them to fully dry than and gently placed them onto the cupcakes.

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