Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Gingerbread Muchacho (You Can't Catch Me!) Cupcakes

These are spicy gingerbread cupcakes dipped in semi-sweet chocolate ganache then topped with a mini-gingerbread boys. As I was baking these cupcakes my oldest daughter came into the kitchen and asked what kind of cupcakes that these were I told her that they were gingerbread and the next thing she said was " OU OU ! You should call them "You Can't Catch Me!" It's funny how now everytime I bake a cupcake the first thing that comes to my girls mind is a name for it. For them it has become one of they things that they enjoy about my baking, I guess for them it gives them a sense of belonging and part of my creations. And of course they also must take pride in picking a clever name that their Mom loves!

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