Thursday, August 7, 2008

For the Love of Cake!!

I have loved cake every since I was talll enough to reach my nana's shiny silver cake plate, I would lift the top just enough so that I was able to steal the fallen crumbs from her family famous pineapple-coconut cake. As a young girl I remember sitting at her table and watching her mix and pour in various ingredients to form her yummy cake batter. I would eagerly await not just the beaters but also the Bowl!! that she would give to me after she had completely filled her cake pans. This cake ritual was seen during Thanksgiving, Christmas and many other family holidays. Unbeknownst to me these special moments spent in the kitchen with Nana would one day spark an urge to bake that would become unstoppable.

Baking became one of my weekend hobbies as a teenager and has now developed into a passion, a passion that I share with only one other thing, my love of all things related to Latin America, the language, the countries (especially Mexico), the spices and the food! When the mood strikes I may incorporate some of the flavors and spices of Latin America in my baking, especially in cupcakes because they are what I like to bake the most. I fell that they are so little and personal and they give the most room to be creative over and over again.

Well this is me and this is my blog and I hope that when you get a chance you stop by often and again and remember that I do this For the Love of Cake!!

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